Monday, July 21, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! Here we are again.

Exciting news! Cover reveal for BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY is this Friday!!! I'll also give you the release date. :)

There are still a couple days to enter to win one of three Kindle paperwhites with custom Someone to Love skins. And the devices are pre-loaed with the series! Click below to enter!

I'm blogging on the fly so on to the teaser! (The Dragon and the Rose will be back next week with a teaser. Sorry!)

Burning Through Gravity  *New Adult Romance
Stephanie (Stevie) and Ford’s story
(Ford’s POV)

“Have I impressed you yet?” I want to do just that. I want to impress her so damn much she never wants to leave, but, of course, it’s me that I’m hoping she’ll stay for, just like she stayed two weeks at that beach house without a single thought about my bank account.
“Is that what this is? You trying to impress me?” A laugh bubbles from her throat, and I want to bow down and kiss her neck, feel it tremble for me.
“Me trying to impress you is what everything will be from now on.”

*Just a quick reminder: Someone For Me is LIVE!!!

Enjoy the week!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

FREE for a limited time!

Ephemeral is FREE at all sites for a limited time! 

Happy reading! 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy Tuesday! I hope summer is treating you well!

There is still some time to enter to win one of three Kindle Paperwhites that my publisher (Skyscape) has graciously provided and loaded with all three books in the series! Each Kindle comes with a custom Someone to Love, Someone Like You, or Someone For Me skin. Really, it's too cool for words! Just click on the picture below to enter.

Also, I don't usually post links to interviews that I've done but I was so humbled and happy to be on Kindle Love Stories: Peeking Under the Covers. Here is a sneak peek of what I had to say: Click here! 

Also BIG thank you for your continued support with the Someone to Love Series. I hope you're enjoying the final book, Someone For Me as much as I did. And for those of you who read it, I warned you about that cake scene!!! BTW, I'm loving the emails that it has sponsored. :)

On to the teasers!

Burning Through Gravity  *New Adult Romance 17+
Stephanie (Stevie) and Ford’s story
(Ford’s POV)
“I want that with you, Stevie. That aching passion that screams for the night to swallow the day so we can climb into bed together and make love until morning. I think we have it.” I press a kiss to the tip of her nose. “I want to experience everything this life has to offer with you by my side.”

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
Skyla’s POV 
(Names have been blocked out to omit spoilers for those who haven’t read previous books)

“You don’t belong to XXXXXXX, you never will.”
His eyes steady over mine with a smile buried in each one. “Who do I belong to, Skyla?”
“You belong to me.” A moment thumps by. “I own you.”
His lips curve with the slight impression of a grin. “You’re right. I’ve belonged to you since before we ever met.” He sweeps his thumb over my check. “You, Skyla Oliver, are the air I breathe. It’s only you my eyes search for when I wake up in the morning. It’s only you my arms ache to hold at night. Not one moment goes by without me thinking about you. I’m obsessed with you, Skyla. Always have been, always will be.”
My eyes flood with tears “I was wrong,” I whisper. “You own me, not the other way around.” My lips crash to his and I fold.

(There was so much more to that scene that I wish I could share with you! BTW, the book is coming along nicely.)

Enjoy your week!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Tease + giveaways with 3 custom Paperwhites and 60 paperbacks!

Thank you all for helping Someone For Me have a great release! I hope you're enjoying the last leg of Kendall and Cruise's journey as much as I did. Don't forget to enter the raffle in which my publisher is graciously giving away 3 Kindle Paperwhites with custom Someone to Love skins! Link: here! 

And the goodreads giveaways in which they are giving away 60 paperbacks! To enter here are the links: 
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Happy winning! 

And more news on the sale of Someone to Love Italian rights in... Italian! 

On to the teasers!

Burning Through Gravity  *New Adult Romance 17+
Stephanie (Stevie) and Ford’s story
(Ford’s POV)
Stevie struts to the car in a short red dress, heels that stretch her legs to the moon and my entire body gyrates with approval.
“Holy holy,” I whisper as she climbs in. “You redefine beautiful.” Her perfume envelops me in a cloud of sweetness.
Stevie offers a slow spreading grin, the color rising to her cheeks.
“You redefine me.” She says it quiet, purposeful and something loosens in me when she says those words.
“You don’t need to redefine yourself.” I lean in and land a tender kiss to her cheek. “I like you just the way you are.”

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
Skyla’s POV (Gage and Skyla alone)

“Everything okay?” He gently rubs his thumb over my cheek.
“Yeah, everything’s fine.” I can hardly whisper the words. It’s all I can do to keep the fire from blazing in my eyes. I hope he knows what kind of hell he’s messing with. I hope I do.

*(Here's the spotify playlist for Someone For Me)

Enjoy the week!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Someone For Me is live!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

It's release day for SOMEONE FOR ME! It's the final installment in the Someone to Love series and I am sooooo excited to share this final leg of Kenny and Cruise's journey with you! (click on the cover for the link!)

I hope you’ll all enjoy the final ride as much as I did and have fun with Kenny and Cruise one last time. I sure will miss them but I’m glad to have shared all their wild adventures.

Other book news: Someone To Love (the book that started it all) the paperback is currently on sale at Amazon for only $5.00. If you have Prime that includes shipping. It’s a great deal and it won’t last so pick yours up while it’s priced right!

$5 for the paperback with shipping? Go steal it!   

Ephemeral (The Countenance Trilogy Book 1) is currently FREE!!! It’s for a limited time so if you haven’t read the series and would like to, this is a great time to pick up the first book. I hope you’ll enjoy Laken as much as I did! (Although this series takes place in the same story world as Celestra, it stands as its own series.) Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, (It's free at B&N, too. The link is playing hide n' seek at the moment. Sorry!)  

No teasers today. The spotlight is one hundred percent on SOMEONE FOR ME.
Here’s an extended sneak peek into the prologue:


They say the day you fall in love is the most magical day of your life. They say that moment sears itself over your soul for eternity. You never forget true love’s first kiss; it plays again in your heart forever.
For me true love’s kiss came on a snowy winter morning. We wrote forever over our hearts with our lips. It was a miracle. It was magic.
And now, here we are just about a year later, already poised to move on to the next big step in our relationship and seal our fate as husband and wife. But are we really ready? Will we ever be?
The door rattles, and I snap up the cuffs and paddle, and spin around to find Cruise standing there with not a stitch of clothing on—holding out a round, gloriously huge cake.
“For the love of all things chocolate.” My mouth falls open, and I don’t know what to drool at first.
He steps in and shuts the door, glancing behind me at the plethora of kinky equipment displayed, and—swear to God—Cruise Elton just blushed. He sets down the cake on the nightstand and presses his hands together like he’s about to get to work.
“Now”—Cruise snatches the blackout blindfold and quickly straps it over my eyes—“about cheating on those exams.” He pulls me into his bare chest and rides his lips slowly over my neck. “How far are you willing to go with this?”
I slip the blindfold up an inch and inspect him for a moment.
“All the way.”
And we do.

Go on, get your copy! I promise you will never see the twist in that chocolate cake scene. ;)

*The Someone to Love series is exclusively sold by Amazon since they are in fact the publisher. If this causes any of you difficulty I sincerely apologize! Please consider the paperback as an option if you're unable to purchase this for your ebook device. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for understanding! 

Giveaway! My publisher is generously giving away THREE Kindle Paperwhites already loaded with the entire Someone to Love series! And each Paperwhite has a different cover/skin from the Someone to Love series! Please be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway right HERE!

Happy reading!