Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cover reveal! Rock Candy Kisses!

Here it is! Annie finally gets her own book! I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover, also you can add it to Goodreads (click on the cover). ;) I have the release date set as early 2015 but it might be sooner. It all depends on how long Skyla holds me hostage on Paragon. BTW, The Dragon and the Rose is coming along nicely! Lots of twists and turns in that one. You might want to buckle up, it's a bumpy ride.

A little about this book:

Jacket Blurb

*This novel can be read as a standalone

Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses #5) Coming early 2015!

Annie Edwards was born deaf, but she’s never let that define her. She’s settling in as a freshman at Whitney Briggs University, loves her dorm, her roommate, her classes, but something feels as though it’s missing—enter Blake Daniels. He’s everything Annie is not—a rocker, a player, a college dropout. Her friends want to sleep with him, her brothers want to kill him, and all Annie wants is a chance to see where her heart takes her.

As the lead singer of 12 Deadly Sins, Blake has had his fair share of rock candy. But Annie has taken over his body, his mind, his heart—three things he’s never lost control of before.

Often first love and first heartbreak go hand in hand.
Sometimes the thrill of one is worth risking the other.

Rock Candy Kisses coming soon!!!!

*Enjoy the weekend! I'll see you on the flip side! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Tuesday teaser!

Look who decided to show up? (me!) Sorry about last Tuesday, but here we are again with Monday behind us and Friday already looming on the horizon. Yes!
     Speaking of Friday, I have another cover reveal coming up! This time for ROCK CANDY KISSES (3:AM Kisses #5) Annie's story! Yay!!! I can't wait to get this one to you. Just thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies. I know a few of you especially are looking forward to Annie's story as much as I am. For those who don't quite remember Annie, she's Bryson and Holt's younger sister who happens to be deaf. Her story is close to my heart since my father and son are hard of hearing, both deaf in one ear and partial hearing in the other. I'm doing quite a bit of research for Rock Candy because I'm determined to get this right. I think you'll be pleased with how the story unfolds, delicately yet in an exciting manner that Annie is worthy of. 
     Book news! The Dragon and the Rose. I'm hanging out with the naughty Sector again. It's raining something awful on Paragon (no news there) and surprises abound around every corner. To quote Chloe Bishop, "Oh, what a wicked web we weave." Indeed, there are no truer words, especially when it comes to our Paragon peeps. The thing with any Celestra book is it takes more time than others to complete (simply because it's paranormal and takes place outside of the natural world—so many rules, demons and angels oh my!) It's smexy. Be warned.
    Other book news! Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion #2) is coming together! Edits are underway and I have about two weeks until I tie a pretty little bow over the manuscript and toss it to the ground to use as a doorstop because that baby is done. I should have it in your hands by the end of the month. I'm toying with about 3 release dates right now and I'll let you know which I land on very, very soon. Can I just tell you how much I've swooned over Gavin Jackson??? Gavin is all man, and I can't wait until I can properly introduce you to him. (Or reintroduce as it were since we briefly met Gavin in Beautiful Oblivion.) Gavin and Demi's story is unique and the way the plot unfurls is unlike any story I've written before so I truly hope you'll enjoy it. 

On to the teasers!

    Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion #2)

*Can be read as a standalone.
(Demi’s POV)

“It’s pretty bad out there. I’m glad you’re inside.” His cut features make it hard to look away. Something about those hypnotic, glowing eyes magnetize me, and I’m sure every other woman, to him. “But you don’t look too prepared for what’s being billed as the snowstorm of the century.” He tilts in, inspecting me from head to toe and his sizzling gaze feels as if it’s tearing a fire line up my body. He’s not the type of man I’m usually paired with, but then, this is the first time I’m advancing to a bodily exchange for cash.

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
*Logan’s POV

(Logan and Gage after Ellis engages them both in a conversation about sex.) 

“Sounds painful.” Exactly how it’s going to feel when I push Ellis’s head through a plate glass window for bringing it up.
Gage smirks at the idea. “Not when you do it right.”
Looks like I’ll be pushing two heads through the window tonight. 

*(Side note: I had another tease all set to go, much longer and juicier but then realized how spoilery it was. Sorry!)

*See you Friday for the cover reveal of ROCK CANDY KISSES!
Have a great week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cover reveal!

Hi all! Happy Friday! Here's a cover I'm more than happy to share with you for an upcoming book I have releasing in 2015. It's the second in the Sublime Casualty series entitled A SUBLIME ADDICTION. The fabulous Sarah Hansen is making the covers for this series and I'm more than happy to share them with you. (Click the cover to add to Goodreads!)

Isn't she pretty? Sarah has really outdid herself for this series.

Here's a little about the book:

A Sublime Addiction


I thought I knew what love was. I’ve had relationships, but those were nothing like what I have with Elle. She’s taken over my thoughts, taken control of my days—she owns my nights.

But something doesn’t sit right. Her family, her past—it’s like they don’t exist. I don’t want to dig. I don’t want to confirm anything that might prove me right. I’ve had enough to deal with over the past few years.

It’s time to move on with the girl of my dreams by my side.
But then I do a little digging.
And I before I know it I’m standing in a grave.


I didn’t come from money. I didn’t come from anything. When you spend your childhood invisible, you begin to believe that actions don’t matter—consequences don’t exist—and your past will never come back to haunt you.

Then I met Noah. He saw me. He made me feel important, special, and most of all real.

But Noah and I are a house of cards.
The wind is picking up.
The ground is shaking.
It’s time for me to go.
I could run, but deep down I could never quit Noah.

They say love is stronger than death. For Noah and Elle to survive, it had better be.

Don't forget to add it to Goodreads!

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Wednesday Tease?!

Yikes! Sorry about forgetting that Tuesday actually follows Monday—but in my defense it was Labor Day and I enjoyed the last day of summer right down to the dregs. It was dreamy. I read. All. Day. Long. Bliss!!! Actually I read post 2 in the afternoon. Before that I took my parents to lunch since it was their 50th wedding anniversary. It was amazing and miraculous to see that people still get to hit that jaw-dropping milestone. I'm planning a big party for them later in the month so the afternoon was low-key but it still felt dreamlike. The day was set in a perfect warm summer haze so everything felt magical. I told my husband we both need to survive long enough to hit our 50th because it's on my bucket list. One of my sons agreed to take us to Chuck E. Cheese on that momentous day so it's all set. I might have to usurp him when the time comes. But I digress! 

Book news! I have another cover reveal coming soon (possibly Friday) stayed tuned! 

*BEAUTIFUL ILLUSIONS is done and in the hands of my editor and betas!!! Look for a release date soon. I'm thinking mid to end of September. 

*THE DRAGON AND THE ROSE is front burner! Yes! I'm finally back on Paragon full time. *Waves at all the handsome boys that the island has to offer* Lots of surprises, a few jaw dropping moments, and an ending you won't want to miss. I promise. :) 

*A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS  - Oh Aspen. Oh Carter. How I love your twisted love story. This is book 2 of The BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY series. *sigh* I cannot wait to dig in deep. I'm still writing scenes in this one, too and outlining like crazy. I have to say, I like Aspen as much as I liked Stevie.      

On to the teasers! 

Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion #2)
*Can be read as a standalone.
(Demi’s POV)

His kisses trail down my neck, and it all feels familiar. It feels like home, like love. His mouth glides over the fabric of my nightgown soft and rhythmic as a poem.

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
Gage’s POV

(Demetri to Gage) “What kind of love do you have for this woman if you’re so eager to give her away?”
I choke on my response. The stock answers I had already spewed out a thousand times before seem stale in the harsh light of the truth. I could have everything—more than I ever wanted or imagined. Why the hell was I so eager to piss everything away? All I know is that I had grown—grow up, or simply woke up and was beginning to realize there isn’t a damn thing I want to throw away—least of all myself. My love for Skyla is strong. And the last thing I want to be is dead.  

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great rest of the week!

And don't forget BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY is now available!
Happy reading~!