Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Velvet Kisses is LIVE!

It's here!!! It's release day for VELVET KISSES!!!

“VELVET KISSES is scorching HOT! Hilarious and steamy!” -goodreads reviewer 
*Can be read as a standalone* Romantic Comedy
Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) 
Marley Jackson has an axe to grind with the entire male population. After having her heart brutally broken, she’s out to prove to herself, and the world, that a woman only needs one thing from a man—and it isn’t love. 
Wyatt James isn’t interested in anything that resembles a commitment. He’s self-made, secure, and happy to entertain a one-night stand any day of the week—enter Marley.
Marley quickly dispels the idea that she’s anybody’s one-night stand. What Marley has in store for Wyatt is far more complex and requires a binding contract to back it. 
Marley and Wyatt aren’t in it for love. Marley is looking to glean some expertise in the bedroom. Wyatt is looking to find some solace after a string of nameless faces that have rocked his bed. 
But when feelings change, and that four-letter word takes ahold of both their hearts, they’re left to face the fact they might be in deeper than either of them thought possible. 
Marley and Wyatt smolder beneath the sheets.
She’s eager to learn—yet, bossy as hell.
He’s eager to lay down one hard lesson after the other, yet determined to save her from herself. 
Sometimes heartbreak is the greatest teacher.
Sometimes it leads you into the arms of the one you belonged with right from the start.


*I'll be back next week with teasers for A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS (Burning Through Gravity 2), and THE SERPENTINE BUTTERFLY (Celestra Forever After 3)!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Tuesday tease!

One more week!!!!!!! 

Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) Releases next Tuesday, March 31st!!!  

*Marley and Wyatt's story

(Wyatt’s POV when he first meets Marley)

She was pretty, I’ll give her that. Beautiful. And sweet in a quirky, slightly psychotic, way—which, unfortunately, I seem to have a weak spot for. The way she kept beckoning me over with the curl of her finger, I thought for sure we were on our way to a very good time. The way that dress wrapped itself around her body was downright vulgar—in a good way, that is. For twenty minutes straight I dreamed of taking a bite out of one of those creamy thighs she kept flashing at me. Her smile was bright. Even when she wasn’t speaking to someone, or further more when she was accusing me of running the Bay of Pigs, her lips curved up at the tips. You can tell she’s just one of those people who smile all the time. God knows I can use a little joy in this cheerless life of mine. I try to shake her out of my mind but that smile…

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy St. Patty's Day! I hope you're wearing lots of green! We're having green crepes and brisket today at my house. (The green crepes are an oddity strictly related to my household, but they're yummy!)

On to the teaser! 

Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) *available March 31st!!!*

*Marley and Wyatt's story

(Wyatt’s POV)

I love you, Marley. What we had was lightning in a bottle, and I want everything back. You’re mine. I need you every day. I need you in my bed, in my heart, in my life. For the first time in so long I feel whole again.

*I'm super excited to get Marley and Wyatt's story to you! Just two more weeks! XO

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Tuesday tease!

It's here again! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! 

Velvet Kisses releases Tuesday March 31! That's just a few weeks away, and I can't wait to share Marley and Wyatt's story with you!

On to the teasers!

Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6)

*Marley and Wyatt's story

Wyatt’s POV
A cool pair of hands momentarily cover my eyes. That familiar gardenia scent surrounds me, and I don’t need my vision to tell me who it is. The warmth of her body touches over my back, and I fight the urge to lean against her.
“Annie?” I tease.
“Be quiet, you.” Marley slinks into the seat across from me as I hold back a laugh.  Her hair is up, waterfalling into a cascade of curls at the crown. Her face glows like the moon. Marley shines with her crystal blue eyes heavily lined in black kohl. It’s a vexingly gorgeous effect I can’t seem to tear my gaze from.
“I want you.” The words slip before I can stop them.
“You want me?” She spikes in her seat, pleasantly amused at the statement. Not sure why it surprises her. My body, my eyes, each breath I take confirms that I want her every time she’s around.

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 Have a great week! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

Happy Tuesday to one and all! I'm short on time so I'll get right to the teasers!

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Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6)

*Marley and Wyatt's story
 (Marley's POV)

“Well, then! This is going to be fantastic.” I quickly scribble my name in all the appropriate slots before sliding it over to him. “When can we begin?”
Wyatt leans in with his elbows on the desk, his hands pressed together near his mouth as if he were sending up a prayer.
“One month.”
“Tonight.” I counter, stunned by his latent proposal.
“Three weeks.”
“Two and a half, and I might spend the night.”

“I promise you”—a slow grin spreads over his face, his eyes glow with an intense level of assuredness—“you will never want to leave.”

*Have a great week!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

*Scroll down to last weeks post to see the rafflecopter winners!

 *Book news! Velvet Kisses has a release date! March 31, 2015! Yay!!! Marley and Wyatt get their story, and I couldn’t be happier to give it to them. The book is with my editor and betas as we speak so there’s that.

*Celestra news sort of: The Serpentine Butterfly is a side project that I’m working on along with two of my romances (Beautiful Elixir, and A Thousand Starry Nights.) And all three are moving along nicely. It’s sort of like that carnival game where you shoot a squirt gun into a clown’s mouth and the horses plod along neck-and-neck. That’s my creative method in a nutshell, only I’m shooting three squirt guns simultaneously. (Do not try this at home).   

Also it was Oscar weekend but the Oscars were preempted by head lice treatment at my house so I only saw the show in bits and pieces. I did see Gwyneth in her pink one sleeve thingy but both me and my uterus tend to cringe whenever she pops on the screen after her “steamy” suggestion. (I swear if you don’t get that, please do not google her dicey advice on what part of your body to steam. A trained medical professional she is not. Just saying. And for the love of God do NOT steam anything. I promise the world, and very delicate parts of your body, will be a safer place for it.) I did enjoy the show, listening to it at least. I also got a kick out of that music trying to boot everyone off stage and not being able to. I'm all for people finishing what they have to say (as evidenced by my longwinded post).

On to the teasers!


Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6)

*Marley and Wyatt's story
(Wyatt’s point of view)

Marley cocks her ear toward me as if she misunderstood. “My plan?”
Her shirt hangs low in the front. She’s all but offered the girls to me on a platter, but my eyes still manage to stay trained on hers. Marley’s plan to herd me toward the bedroom is working spectacularly. If she’s demanding to be tied to the bedpost who the hell am I to stop her? I should be penning a thank you—tattooing her name across my chest for the privilege.
“Yes, your plan.” I gently touch my finger across her lips and her eyes close involuntarily. “Draw up an inventory of what you’ll need for that research of yours.”
“My research?” Her beautiful features soften. Her lips open involuntarily, and I memorize her like this. “It requires a willing participate—no inhibitions—a good back and lots of stamina.”
“I have all of the above and then some.”

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The Serpentine Butterfly (Celestra Forever After 3)
 (Skyla walking toward dangerous *people* with Ellis, Giselle, Drake and Brielle.)

Oh my, God. They’ll buy Ellis with a dime bag, Giselle with Oh look shiny! And Drake with a handshake. I suppose that makes Bree the wildcard. Perfect. All of humanity rest on Brielle’s ability to remain calm and focused. We are so f*cked.

Available now!

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